Monday, May 21st, 2018
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Adriana is a twenty-something Marketing Coordinator, Cinephile, and food enthusiast based in the Southern California area. Her passions include traveling and going to the theater alone. Due to her love of all things film, she picked up and moved from North Carolina to the West Coast. So far she is loving the weather and the proximity to the film industry! You can find more of her writing on

ACRIMONY: The Definition of Exploiting the Mad Black Woman

Tyler Perry's latest directorial effort shows his tropes are continuing to wear thin, with no sign of improvement. To make things worse, he completely

GEMINI: A Thrilling Neo-Noir About The Two Sides Of Celebrity

Gemini asks, in a city overflowing with people who want it all, when you're famous, are you ever really safe?

FLOWER: Zoey Deutch Blossoms as a Teen Vigilante

While tiptoeing on the line of empowering and exploitative, Flower is an unconventional teen film for a new generation that finds its true strength

HAVE A NICE DAY: Money Makes the Story Go Round

Set in the gritty underbelly of southern China, Have a Nice Day (Hao ji le) is a dark comedic commentary on greed and materialism

NOSTALGIA: Looking For A Chance To Be Remembered

Loaded with a star-studded cast, Nostalgia is an emotional trip down memory lane. It's a poetic, yet melancholy look into the transitions of life

LIKE ME: A Visual Spectacle That Doesn't Need You To Like It

Like Me is a visual spectacle that delves into the dark underbelly of social media, showing the lengths that people will go to in

20 Years of PLEASANTVILLE: Privilege, Prejudice & The Pursuit Of Perfection

Pleasantville is still relevant 20 years later: In a time where the American Dream is being redefined, Pleasantville tries to tell us that among