Monday, May 21st, 2018
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Alex Arabian is a film critic, journalist, and freelance filmmaker. His work has been featured in the San Francisco Examiner,, and His favorite film is Edward Scissorhands. It goes without saying that not all films are good, per se, but he believes that he owes the artists contributing to the medium film analyses that are insightful, well-informed, and respectful to craft. Check out more of his work on!

THE FORGIVEN: Whitaker & Bana At Their Respective Bests

With potent acting by Whitaker and Bana, relevant social commentary, adept writing and direction, The Forgiven succeeds as a biopic, albeit not Joffé's finest

THE LULLABY: A Sporadically Jumpy, Bland Horror Film

Despite strong leads and commendable technique, The Lullaby falls short of being a solid horror film due to its dull setting, convoluted story, and

LOOKING GLASS: Cage And Tunney Can't Save This Mess

Looking Glass wastes its talented cast on poor writing filled with cliché after cliché, an odd and uninviting artistic vision from the ground up,

THE MUSIC OF SILENCE: A Squandered Opportunity

The Music Of Silence lacks emotional weight, developed characters, a coherent linear story, and sufficient enough acting to make a passable biopic of a

Interview With Sam Keeley, Star Of THE CURED

We had a chance to speak with Sam Keeley, star of the upcoming horror film The Cured. We spoke about his career, his influences,

THE CURED: A Smart Reinvention Of The Zombie Horror Subgenre

The Cured is a fantastic zombie film with intelligent writing, precision direction, top-tier acting, and sincere sociopolitical themes and parallels that are essential in


"[It] should be the norm that we’re just casting across the board all kinds of different people, because that’s how our world looks" -

HALF MAGIC: Heather Graham's Directorial Debut Impresses

Half Magic succeeds with the help of Graham's stellar writing and direction, the cast's adherence to Graham's comedic and dramatic vision, and three central


We spoke with Jason James, director of the upcoming comedy-drama Entanglement, which will be released on February 9th.

Interview With Jess Weixler, Director Of ENTANGLEMENT

We had the chance to chat with Jess Weixler, star of indie film Entanglement. We discussed what drew her to the project, her interpretation