Monday, May 21st, 2018
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Alex Arabian is a film critic, journalist, and freelance filmmaker. His work has been featured in the San Francisco Examiner,, and His favorite film is Edward Scissorhands. It goes without saying that not all films are good, per se, but he believes that he owes the artists contributing to the medium film analyses that are insightful, well-informed, and respectful to craft. Check out more of his work on!

THE TRIP TO SPAIN: Coogan And Brydon Still Reign Supreme

Coogan and Brydon bare their truest selves in The Trip To Spain, resulting in an emotional and bitingly honest chord that rings mellifluous with

ALL THE RAGE: A Mind-Opening Doc About Healing Pain

A dual character study, All The Rage benefits from its celebrity testimonies, candid interviews with Dr. Sarno, and Galinsky's efficiency of substantiation.

FINAL PORTRAIT: A Perfect Perspicacity Into The Life Of Alberto Giacometti

Final Portrait is filled with acute vigor, seamlessly-interwoven humor, impeccable historical accuracy, and superb acting that combine for another Tucci gem.

GOOD TIME: Welcome To The Robert Pattinson Era

Good Time is a fast-paced, oscillation of raw emotion and manic suspense that plays directly to Pattinson's continually emerging thespian strengths.

ONCE UPON A TIME IN VENICE: Tonally Contrasted And Tiredly Contrived

Once Upon A Time In Venice is clearly a film made by cinephiles, but the scattered subplots and underdeveloped characters combine for an overall

SUSPIRIA: A Technicolor, Silver-Screen Spectacle Canvassed Onto Celluloid

In Suspiria, Argento's use of space, lighting, vivid colors, grandiose set pieces, and Goblin's score create a masterclass in suspense and subliminal terror.

Lexus Short Films Season 4: Now Accepting Submissions

The Weinstein Company and Lexus have created a brilliant platform for up and coming filmmakers with their Lexus Short Films. Submit now!

The Roxie Theater, San Francisco: Arthouse Cinemas & The Timelessness Of Celluloid

We spoke with Executive Director Dave Cowen of The Roxie Theater in San Francisco about the art of screening celluloid film and how they


Brigsby Bear isn't only for the dreamers, it's for anyone who ever stalled at pursuing a something dear to them for fear of failing.

MARJORIE PRIME: A Soulful Pondering Of Artificial Intelligence Applications

Marjorie Prime is a subtly effective and wondrous glance at the potential ramifications of the future of artificial intelligence technology.