Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018
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Alex is a 24 year-old West Australian who has a slight obsession with film. When he's not frowning at Australia's slack attitude towards film and film-making, he's attempting to crack into the prestigious business of show, by making amateur comedies with his friends. With his DVD collection and wealth of film knowledge in tow, Alex continues to write about film, something he knows gets the ladies.

The Golden Koala Chinese Film Festival 2018 Report

Alex Lines reports on his time during 2018 The Golden Koala Chinese Film Festival, held in Australia, and the films he was able to

THE TROUGH: A Potential Cult Classic

Much like Neil Breen's current filmography, the horribly-titled The Trough definitely has cult movie potential if it ever hits the underground festival circuit.

BREATH: Simon Baker's Puberty Blues

Despite Baker's adept directional skills, and solid performances from the whole cast, Breath feels inconsequential, and the sombre visual and thematic tone feels like


With undefined characters and a hesitation to commit to the violent realism of the story, Spanish historical epic Gold (Oro) proves to be something

TULLY: The Chronicles of a Full Time Mommy

Tully is a return to form for both director Jason Reitman and screenwriter Diablo Cody, with this "hipster Mary Poppins" tale feeling like a

Interview With Laurent Lafitte, Star Of SEE YOU UP THERE

We had the chance to speak with Laurent Lafitte, star of the upcoming French film See You Up There and Elle. We spoke

OPERATION RED SEA: The Definition Of 'Action-Packed'

Dante Lam's latest military rollercoaster ride, Operation Red Sea, is an unrelenting vehicle of authentic action entertainment, an extensive series of well-executed, thrilling combat

SEE YOU UP THERE: Post-War Problems

Despite some real imaginative sequences, which are illuminated by excellent production design and great costume choices, See You Up There's lacklustre style isn't consistent,

DETECTIVE CHINATOWN 2 Review: Welcome To New York

Chen Sicheng's Detective Chinatown 2 is a manic pop-fuelled explosion of fast-paced crime-solving, fringe supernatural developments and a brash indulgence in outdated stereotypes.

RIFT: Strangers By The Mountain

The accomplished acting, stunning cinematography, and solid direction keeps Rift constantly engaging and steeped with talent, absolving it of its genre short-comings.