Friday, May 25th, 2018
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Alex is a 24 year-old West Australian who has a slight obsession with film. When he's not frowning at Australia's slack attitude towards film and film-making, he's attempting to crack into the prestigious business of show, by making amateur comedies with his friends. With his DVD collection and wealth of film knowledge in tow, Alex continues to write about film, something he knows gets the ladies.

RIFT: Strangers By The Mountain

The accomplished acting, stunning cinematography, and solid direction keeps Rift constantly engaging and steeped with talent, absolving it of its genre short-comings.

Interview With Warwick Thornton, Director Of SWEET COUNTRY

Alex Lines spoke with Warwick Thornton, director of the upcoming Australian film Sweet Country, which has already hit the festival circuit and will be

WINCHESTER: Jump Scare City

The Spierig Brothers' latest "based on a true story" horror movie Winchester is a cinematic checklist of every dreadful 'haunted house' cliche, every formulaic


With its sheer amount of 'Straight to DVD' film sensibilities, Den of Thieves is as generic as bank heist thrillers come, and at a

GUARDIANS OF THE TOMB: A Masterclass in Cinematic Banality

Chinese-Australian co-production Guardians of the Tomb is one of the most cliched, dull and shamelessly corporate creature features you could possibly imagine.

Going Off! Part 2 (Video): Exploring The Australian Film Industry

In this second part of Going Off, 'Prestige & Profits', we detail how financing in the Australian film industry works, what gets funded, and

THE BBQ: Getting All Up In Your Grill

The BBQ is a low-key Australian family comedy that aspires to be 2018's answer to 90's Oz comedy classic The Castle, but it's

SWINGING SAFARI: Australia's First 2018 Movie Misfire

Only two weeks into 2018, Swinging Safari is Australia's worst film of the year thus far with its muddled need to elevate the material.

FERDINAND: A Mechanical, Bull Story

There's a sense of shallowness to Ferdinand, a film so generic and formulaic that it's hard not to be cynical about its construction.

"Watching Your Movie With An Audience Is Probably The Best Film School You Can Have" - Interview With Chris Peckover, Director Of BETTER WATCH OUT

Being a big fan of horror, I'm always keeping track on the new films that are hitting the festival circuit, keeping a keen eye