Sunday, May 20th, 2018
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Alex is a 24 year-old West Australian who has a slight obsession with film. When he's not frowning at Australia's slack attitude towards film and film-making, he's attempting to crack into the prestigious business of show, by making amateur comedies with his friends. With his DVD collection and wealth of film knowledge in tow, Alex continues to write about film, something he knows gets the ladies.

Melbourne International Film Festival 2017 Week 3

Alex Lines reports from the Melbourne International Film Festival and reviews Call Me By Your Name, Wonderstruck, Marlina The Murderer and more!

Going Off! (Video): Exploring The Current Australian Film Industry

Australian critic, Alex Lines, delves into the Australian film industry and the problems it faces in a three-part web-series. Part one: What even is


Berlin Syndrome is aligned with many kidnapping narratives, but it suffers from an unfocused approach, but in subject and character focus.

THE BAR: An Unfortunate Reflection of Today

The Bar is a predictable story that constantly betrays its established characters in order to service the cynical narrative.

RAW: A New Age Ravenous Tale

Julia Ducournau's debut RAW doesn't deserved to be labelled as "barf bag" cinema, as this is one of the best horror debuts in recent

BAD GIRL: A '90s Thriller With Modern Day Lenses

Though inspired by the erotic thrillers of the '90s, Bad Girl ultimately fails to do anything original or exciting with its material.

DAVID STRATTON - A CINEMATIC LIFE: A Loving but Eclectic Retrospective

Although a warm hearted documentary, David Stratton: A Cinematic Life cares more about Australian cinema than its subject.

HEADSHOT: The Unofficial THE RAID Sequel We All Want

Headshot is a bit too melodramatic and tries to emulate The Raid sequels too blatantly, yet it is just enough to satisfy action junkies.

THE GREAT WALL: Not Even Worth a Wall Pun

Everything about The Great Wall should be fun and goofy, but it takes itself too seriously to be enjoyed for its silliness.

Looking Back At The DEATH WISH Franchise

With a series of incredibly eclectic films, the Death Wish franchise is one of the most unique action franchises to ever exist.