Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018
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Alistair is a 23 year old former journalism student from the sun-soaked city of Leeds, England, who has recently moved down to Cambridge. After spending two decades as "King of the North", it was time for a change and a move down south to work at a local newspaper followed. He has been writing about film since the start of 2014. If you like his writing, his work can also be found on Gay Essential, CutPrintFilm, Cinemole (his Wordpress blog) and over on his Letterboxd and YouTube pages. Because of his work for Film Inquiry, he is also a recognised member of GALECA, the Gay & Lesbian Entertainment Critics' Association.

DOUBLE LOVER: Erotic Thriller Meets Arthouse

Double Lover is a loving and surprisingly artful homage to the genre’s masters, equal parts a silly and stylish trashy erotic thriller with enough

THE MERCY: Watered Down, But Far From Lost At Sea

Like the old maxim about waiting all day for a bus only for two to show up at once, out of nowhere two biopics

EARLY MAN: Aardman Animation's Worst Effort To Date

For a studio whose storytelling style and command of visuals is so wonderfully inventive, in Early Man they’ve opted for the laziest, most obvious

PHANTOM THREAD: Stylish, Sumptuous & Quietly Kinky

Upon first viewing, Phantom Thread is utterly irresistible, but the dense themes and examinations of inter-character relationships means that it is the rare Anderson

THE POST: An Unexpected Spielberg Disappointment

The Post is less than the sum of its parts; an effectively directed and acted film, but its most dramatic story is left in

HAPPY END: Michael Haneke Turns to Self Parody in this Underwhelming Family Drama

Happy End is a disappointing effort by Michael Haneke, displaying almost none of his visual appeal, prominent themes, or strong performances.

I LOVE YOU, DADDY: Louis C.K's Career Suicide

Regardless of the context it’s currently being viewed in, Louis C.K’s I Love You, Daddy, is hard to be judged as anything other than

YOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE: A Hallucinatory, Horrifying Masterpiece

You Were Never Really Here is a rare film that is conclusive proof that a great director can elevate familiar source material.

A FANTASTIC WOMAN: A Revolutionary Cinematic Achievement

The Chilean drama A Fantastic Woman beautifully captures the story of a transgender woman, who is brought to exquisite life by Daniela Vega.


The Meyerowitz Stories may be a typical satire for Noah Baumbach, but the character of Danny, warmly played by Adam Sandler, helps to raise