Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018
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Alistair is a 23 year old former journalism student from the sun-soaked city of Leeds, England, who has recently moved down to Cambridge. After spending two decades as "King of the North", it was time for a change and a move down south to work at a local newspaper followed. He has been writing about film since the start of 2014. If you like his writing, his work can also be found on Gay Essential, CutPrintFilm, Cinemole (his Wordpress blog) and over on his Letterboxd and YouTube pages. Because of his work for Film Inquiry, he is also a recognised member of GALECA, the Gay & Lesbian Entertainment Critics' Association.

THE LEVELLING: An Emotional Rollercoaster Of A Debut

Hope Dickson Leach's debut The Levelling is a familiar story of grief, told with an emotional incisiveness by brand new talent, and reminds us

BAD RAP: A Hip-Hopumentary That Fails To Get Under The Skin Of Its Subject Matter

Bad Rap documents the hard time Asian Americans have getting into the American hip hop scene, but should've offered a deeper exploration.

JAWBONE: Breathes New Life Into the Stale Boxing Drama Genre

Avoiding cliches and mostly celebrating in richly defined performances, Jawbone is among the more engaging boxing movies in recent memory.


Film Inquiry writer Alistair Ryder sat down and talked with Woody Harrelson about his live one-shot directorial debut, Lost in London.

LOST IN LONDON: Woody Harrelson's Quietly Epic One-Take Wonder

Filmed live, and in one continuous take, Lost in London is a film that could seem gimmicky, yet succeeds due to its expert comedic

THE SENSE OF AN ENDING: A Novel Adaptation That Was Best Left On The Page

The Sense of an Ending is a commendable effort from both director and cast, yet its underwritten characters become lost in adaptation.

AQUARIUS: Vulnerable & Righteously Angry

Aquarius is a powerful character study about a woman fighting back against vulnerabilities, anchored by a fine performance from Sônia Braga.

MINE: A High Concept Thriller Uninterested In Its Own High Concept

High concept on paper, in reality, Mine turns out to be convoluted and utterly confused about the story it is telling, ending up feeling

Interview With FREE FIRE Director Ben Wheatley

Ben Wheatley's new film FREE FIRE is out today and we spoke with him about the film, his filmography, and the extreme violence in

FREE FIRE: Joyously Anarchic B-Movie Fun

Free Fire may be far from the best movie of the year, but you are guaranteed to have one of your most fun times