Sunday, May 20th, 2018
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Amanda Mazzillo is a writer with a B.A. in Writing & Linguistics and a minor in Film Studies from Georgia Southern University. She enjoys writing comedy and exploring all forms of media. Her Twitter name is a bad pun: @mazzillofirefox

Alice Trueman's Egg is a beautifully shot and scored comedy, mixing both the relatable and the absurd in a uniquely engaging way.

Actor Profile: Harold Lloyd

Harold Lloyd is among the great silent comedians, and his work, which also spans into talkies, should speak for itself.

DIFFERENT FLOWERS: A Realistic Depiction of Sisterly Love and The Importance of Independence

Equal parts funny and realistic, Different Flowers is a wonderful love letter to the Midwest, and the strength of familial love.

EASY LIVING: Exploring Failure, Contentment & Self-Help Advice

Easy Living is an interesting and insightful character study into a self-destructive woman, who is scared of showing her true self.

YEAR BY THE SEA: An Exploration Of Friendships Wasted By An Unwanted Ending

It's abundantly clear that Year By The Sea is composer Alexander Janko's directorial debut, as its characters are underdeveloped and predictable plot-lines are lost

Exclusive Clip: A BOY CALLED PO

A Boy Called Po lacks a realistic exploration of autism, falling into common tropes surrounding the depiction of autism in Hollywood films.

The Influence Of Sketch Comedy Experience On Film Directing

Sketch comedy challenges the audience and explores unconventional ideas; this pushes directors to bring this mindset into feature films.

Actor Profile: Matt Keeslar

Matt Keeslar is a lesser-known actor that nonetheless gave some fine performances across many different genres.

SHIMMER LAKE: A Typical Mystery Made New Through Its Reversal

Told in reverse order, Shimmer Lake is a fresh take on a murder mystery, and also sports some fine performances from usually comedic actors.

Profile: Kurt Russell

Kurt Russell has charmed audiences through the years in a variety of films, from Disney to science fiction to more recent blockbusters.