Sunday, May 27th, 2018
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Massive film lover. Whether it's classic, contemporary, foreign, domestic, art, or entertainment; movies of every kind have something to say. And there is something to say about every movie.

LADY MACBETH: Sex, Murder, Lies

Lady Macbeth pokes at the romanticized perspective of Victorian-set films, becoming more akin to a macabre neo-noir.

CALL OF HEROES: Old School Story, New School Style

Call of Heroes is the latest from Benny Chan, and manages to both modernize and feel old-fashioned when compared to the martial arts genre.

KAILI BLUES: Stunning Debut From Bi Gan

Kaili Blues is a debut feature that is inspired by many Chinese filmmakers that came before; yet it emerges as a unique and compelling

10 Great Horror Movies From Around the World Part 2

Film is one of the best artistic mediums because it's always growing; it speaks every language, and every place in the world has their

IN JACKSON HEIGHTS: Frederick Wiseman's Latest Masterpiece

By definition documentaries sound like a pretty straightforward genre; but the evolution of the genre over the years is anything but simple. While I


Chantal Akerman is a unique director whose minimalist compositions have earned her a reputation as one of cinema's foremost screen artists. Best known for her 1975 film Jeanne Dielman, 23 quai


They say if two's company, then three's a crowd, but I like crowds, especially when they're crowds of gangster movies from countries around the

GORED: Compelling, But Lacking In Passion

Aside from sports bloopers, a few Hemingway novels and stock footage I don't know much about bullfighting. Common sense dictates that provoking a bull


Theeb is an excellent film from this past year, and I'm afraid the precious few people will make it out to see it due

Embrace the Serpent

The most damaging and offensive cliché in films that explore colonialism and its effects on indigenous nations is the notion of the noble savage, as