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Massive film lover. Whether it's classic, contemporary, foreign, domestic, art, or entertainment; movies of every kind have something to say. And there is something to say about every movie.

The New Hollywood - The End of an Era By the late 1970’s, the film industry had undergone a renaissance. The New Hollywood movement

Hong Kong Drug War

If you look at the films of Hong Kong before and after 1997, there is a striking difference. The action films leading up the

Ashes of Time Hong Kong

The 1980's through the years leading up the handover in 1997 were paramount in Hong Kong's long-running series of action films. They have yielded  some of the best

Bed-Sitting Room nuclear

One of the more curious cultural changes in the post-war era was the cinematic climate that permeated in the United Kingdom in the years

La Haine gangster

This is a continuation of "Beyond Hollywood's Mafia" with more great gangster films from around the world. There's a rich tapestry in this field


Awarding movies with titles like "Best Picture" is a bit of an overstatement when you consider what goes into making a movie. And when

Miss Julie

Known as an early work of naturalism, Miss Julie is a story of a Baron's daughter who makes advances toward her family's valet, Jean. One midsummer's


Nowadays it's fair to say "gangster films" are in a league of their own, no longer thought of as sub-genre of the action film.

Hong Kong

The Hong Kong New Wave of the late 1970's had diverted, and the benefit of this diversion was the short-lived, but prolific Cinema City in 1980.

Way of the Dragon

This article is part of a series on the history of Hong Kong action cinema - find the other parts here. The 1960's and