Friday, May 25th, 2018
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Works on the sports desk of a national UK newspaper. Also writes graphic novels and a regularly-updated film blog (As Human As The Rest Of Us). He lives by the sea in south-east England, with his wife, kids and cats. Follow him on Twitter @andywinter1

7 DAYS IN ENTEBBE: Well-Intentioned But Flawed Hijack Thriller

A brave and ambitious film unafraid of wrestling with some very difficult questions, 7 Days In Entebbe is let down by an oddly-executed finale

Let The Sunshine In: Juliette Binoche Delights In Off-kilter Rom-com

Director Claire Denis is choosing a more diverse range of film projects than any other time in her career - and it's best exemplified

PYEWACKET: Low-Key Folk Horror Serves Up Tension, Atmosphere & Chills

Director Adam MacDonald mostly succeeds with Pyewacket being a simple, heartfelt tale focusing on the disintegration of a mother/daughter bond, without too much background

Escape to New York: An interview with Ana Asensio, director, writer and star of Most Beautiful Island

After years as a struggling actress, Ana Asensio decided to try get her own project off the ground. A year after it's SXSW premiere,

CARDBOARD GANGSTERS: Irish Crime Thriller is Brutally Effective

A searingly authentic piece of work, Cardboard Gangsters brings complexity and surprising humanity to a world of gangsters, persuasively evoking the lives of marginalized

THE VANISHING OF SIDNEY HALL: Tricksy Melodrama About a Depressed Novelist Falls Flat

Despite some promising moments, The Vanishing of Sidney Hall never quite reaches the level of its ambition, ultimately fading in the background amongst more

FINDING YOUR FEET: Pensioner Dramedy Is Surprisingly Moving

Though it is too perfectly machine-tooled to appeal to British pensioners, Finding Your Feet is a charming and funny ride.

JUPITER'S MOON: Muddled Messiah Tale Has Its Moments

A frenetic, fantastical but frustrating piece of work, Jupiter's Moon will be remembered not for its rather woolly handling of serious subject matter, but

MOST BEAUTIFUL ISLAND: A powerful, provocative take on the immigrant experience

Ana Asensio's directorial debut, Most Beautiful Island, is an intimate view of the immigrant experience not as social realist drama or romantic comedy, but

The Fright Stuff: Interview with Paul Cotgrove, director of the UK's Horror-on-Sea film festival

Paul Cotgrove's Horror on Sea festival is championed by up and coming genre filmmakers across the world. Film Inquiry met with Paul to find