Sunday, May 20th, 2018
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Arlin is originally from Chicago, IL and currently resides in Oakland, CA. Receiving his BA in Film Studies in 2010, he is a failed rapper who works in film distribution. Among his non-cinematic interests are biking, playing basketball, record collecting, and breakfast cereal. He is still processing the new season of Twin Peaks and hopes one day that the world recognizes the many values of the Siesta system.

LA 92

In a time where footage of police assault and murder is a regular occurrence, we often find ourselves taking stock in our society. In

Bill Nye: Science Guy

Readers of a certain age will fondly remember Bill Nye as their de facto substitute teacher, wheeled in on a video cart to impart some

BRIMSTONE & GLORY: Goodness Gracious Great Balls Of Fire

Brimstone & Glory is a unique documentary and you'd be doing yourself a disservice to not catch it in theaters.

Interview With SCHOOL LIFE Director Neasa Ni Chianáin

Writer Arlin Golden sat down and talked with Neasa Ni Chianáin, director of the upcoming Irish documentary School Life.


School Life has heart, it has laughs, and it is hands down the feel good movie of the year. Go see it and take

Interview With THE FORCE Director Peter Nicks

Arlin Golden spoke with THE FORCE director Peter Nicks about Oakland Police Department, and everything that's wrong and right with American police.

THE FORCE: Taking Down The Blue Wall Of Silence

The Force is an important film that hopefully one day we'll be able to look back upon as history far removed from the current

WHOSE STREETS?: Reclaiming The Narrative

Whose Streets? is a black story told by black voices, presenting a perspective that has remained elided in mainstream debate over black bodies and

"Putting Human Life Above Political Rhetoric" - Interview With WHOSE STREETS? Directors Sabaah Folayan & Damon Davis

We spoke with Whose Streets' Sabaah Folayan & Damon Davis about systemic racism in law enforcement and telling the human story of the Ferguson

NIGHT SCHOOL: A Documentary That Succeeds Despite Itself

Andrew Cohn's documentary Night School tells a largely positive story about American poverty, but depends too much on its captivating subjects.