Thursday, May 24th, 2018
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Arlin is originally from Chicago, IL and currently resides in Oakland, CA. Receiving his BA in Film Studies in 2010, he is a failed rapper who works in film distribution. Among his non-cinematic interests are biking, playing basketball, record collecting, and breakfast cereal. He is still processing the new season of Twin Peaks and hopes one day that the world recognizes the many values of the Siesta system.

Staff Inquiry: Our Favorite Actor/Director Collaborations

Though film is an inherently collaborative medium, requiring careful cooperation of dozens of individuals, there are two roles that get singled out as being

PERVERT PARK: A Beautiful Depiction Of A Tragic Situation

In the opening minutes of Pervert Park, we are introduced to a man recounting a story of loneliness and isolation, detailing how he had

TICKLED: Anatomy Of A Troll

There are no shortage of docs that explore underworlds and subcultures most of us have hardly considered, if we knew they existed at all. These

Space Jam

Hey, it's Space Jam Week!  Among totems of '90s nostalgia, few remain as prominent and present in 2016 as Space Jam. The film was Warner

It's SPACE JAM Week!

As a wise man once said "time keeps on slippin' slippin' slippin' / into the future." It's pretty gross to think about, but the

VIKTORIA: The Intersection Of History And Motherhood

People often tend to demarcate their lives by coordinating them with macro-narratives. For instance, the segment of your life that took place during the


In the beginning, there was light. It moved, it danced, it enthralled, but in the end, it was just light. Even in the silent

Wild Wild West

Taste is a fluid thing, though we seldom view it as such in the moment. For many, our cultural tastes define us and they

Rolling Papers

The old is boring and the new is exciting; right or wrong, that's just how our brains our wired. So when something is in danger of

Attacking the Devil

The world is a terrifying place. Its machinations are convoluted constructions managed by a mixture of public servants or private business people whom we