Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018
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It took me a while to discover the wonderful world of cinema, but once I did, everything just fell into place.

FOOTNOTES: Painfully Out Of Tune

The best thing about Footnotes is that it's just 78 minutes. But there are so many other, better ways you could spend your time.

LOVE AT FIRST CHILD: Sparklingly Generic

Love at First Child offers nothing new in the romantic comedy genre, but some laughs and chemistry between the leads make it a pleasant

THE REAGAN SHOW: A Fascinating, Timely Conceit

Documentary distributors Dogwoof continue their hot streak with this fascinating inside look at Ronald Reagan's presidency.

Interview With Edda Manriquez, Director Of The Les Femmes Undergound International Film Festival

We were able to talk with Edda Manriquez, the organizer of the female-empowering Les Femmes Underground International Film Festival.

AFTERMATH: A Shallow Dive Into Grief And Guilt

Elliott Lester had juicy, absorbing material to work with. Unfortunately, he turns Aftermath into an underwhelming and empty endeavor.

ON A KNIFE EDGE: An Intimate Insight Into Overwhelming Injustice

While it doesn't address the female role, On A Knife Edge is a deep insight into the life of the Native American, that is

BEFORE THE FALL: Lost In Adaptation

Although the idea of reimagining Pride & Prejudice with a same-sex couple, Before The Fall lacks the fiery spirit of the source material.

Chicagoland Shorts Vol.3: The Sidelined Speak

Despite some reservations, the short films featured in Chicagoland Shorts Vol. 3 are creative, thought-provoking and accomplished.

TRACKTOWN: A Race That No-One Wins

Tracktown, by Alexi Pappas and Jeremey Teicher, is a cutesy, generic, unfunny indie film, with an array of underdeveloped themes.

A WOMAN'S LIFE: Endlessly, Unremittingly, Relentlessly Bleak

A Woman's Life shows the hardships women endure throughout their lives relentlessly and without optimism, and is depressing as a result.