Friday, May 25th, 2018
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It took me a while to discover the wonderful world of cinema, but once I did, everything just fell into place.

Beginner's Guide: The Duplass Brothers, Directors, Writers and Actors

Directors, writers, actors and producers, The Duplass Brothers have become synonymous with quality American Independent Cinema.

Which Film Should Win Best Picture 2017?

The Film Inquiry team present a rundown of all nine Best Picture nominees, and why they each might deserve the most prestigious award.

Proud Parents And Conflicted Cowboys: 2017's Oscar Nominated Animated Short Films

With varying styles and lengths, the 2017 Animated Short Films offer innovation, emotion, and satisfying storytelling.

ROAD TO THE WELL: A Thriller That Rarely Thrills

Road to the Well has redeeming qualities, including fine acting and cinematography, yet it falls short of greatness from its lacking story.

Beginner's Guide: John Cassavetes, Director, Writer, Actor

Beginning as an actor, John Cassavetes progressed to directing, and in the process became one of the landmark directors of indie filmmaking.


Lost in Florence is a breezy romantic comedy set in Florence, Italy, though don't expect to get much of a deeper meaning than that

Beginners Guide: Agnès Varda, Director

In an industry famously inhospitable to women, Agnès Varda has been quietly and consistently surpassing expectations, for more than five decades. This is our