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David is a film aficionado from Colchester, Connecticut. He enjoys writing, reading, analyzing, and of course, watching movies. His favorite genres are westerns, crime dramas, horror, and sci-fis. He also enjoys binge-watching TV shows on Netflix.

I first discovered Jeff Nichols back in 2013, when I happened to catch Mud in theaters. Not knowing what to expect, I still remember

HIGH NOON: Celebrating The Power Of Individual Fortitude

High Noon, though premiering in 1952, is a film that has great significance today, expressing the strength and power of individual will.

RINGS: A Poorly Wrought Attempt At Nostalgia

Rings is a film that falls flat on its face, failing to capture the raw and understated tension in the original American remake.

SILENCE: Martin Scorsese's Intimate Epic Is A Monumental Achievement

Martin Scorsese's Silence begins with a dark, blank screen, with only the gentle humming of cicadas heard on all sides. It then immediately opens up to an

A MONSTER CALLS: A Deeply Personal Testament To The Power of Fiction

A Monster Calls is an entertaining and beautifully presented fantasy, which also imbues deeper universal themes of grief and loss.

LA LA LAND: Succeeds As Both A Tribute & Subversion Of The Classic Musical

La La Land is a tribute to classic musicals, yet also attempts something different by subverting the romanticized outlook that they have.

PASSENGERS: Never Takes Off

Passengers is a dull sci-fi that is neither saved by its star power nor by the potential of the story which it initially seems

NOCTURNAL ANIMALS: As Elegant & Lavish As It Is Darkly Cynical

Nocturnal Animals is Tom Ford's latest film, presented in lavish and bright neon colors; though it also possesses a hopelessly dark view.

ALLIED: Robert Zemeckis' Generic WWII Thriller

With Allied, yet another volume has been added to the overflowing pile of wartime films. Though with the talented Robert Zemeckis at the helm,

Which Film Should Win Best Picture 2017?

Though Moonlight employs a stylistic, arthouse approach as opposed to a traditional narrative, it is nonetheless an important one to watch for people of