Thursday, May 24th, 2018
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Dinner With Dames: Dinner #3, With Elvia Van Es (Recap)

Cinefemme gathered another group of inspiring female filmmakers, writers and content creators for the third iteration of Dinner With Dames, to dine with Elvia

Dinner with Dames: Dinner #2 Recap

Dinner with Dames Case File Who: Jessica Sharzer, writer of Nerve and American Horror Story, with Cinefemme board, fiscal sponsorees, and referrals – Ritza

Three Festival Short Films You Probably Missed

With easily accessible streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, it’s easy to understand how independent short films go overlooked. However, the short film

What If The Book Is Better Than The Movie?

A novel is a single voice from a single point of view. A movie is a mix of art and business with hundreds of

SOUTHBOUND: A Sojourn Into Redneck Americana

The title of horror anthology Southbound implies a deep sojourn into racist, redneck Americana, locked and loaded under a blood red, lone star. This

American Money: What AMERICAN HONEY & HELL OR HIGH WATER Say About Poverty In The U.S.

Class consciousnes and its oft-contingent condemnation of wealth was a theme at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival that one would be hard-pressed to overlook.


We shot Dead Certain in the French Alps during seventeen intense days in the winter of 2014. A post-epidemic thriller, we wanted the film

Film Analysis Of THE FUGITIVE: Layers Of Meaning

In Andrew Davis' brilliant 1993 thriller The Fugitive, the filmmakers use a variety of techniques to lead the viewer through the story. They drop hints with

Interview with TICKLED Director David Farrier

We spoke with David Farrier about his weird but great documentary Tickled, how he pitched it and how about how the post-production was.

How To Get A Movie-Inspired Interior

Watching movies is a favorite pastime for people around the globe, and they engage in it for various reasons. You could say pictures are