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Has a soft spot for Hammer Horror films and is constantly looking to further his knowledge of cinema.

Cimino's HEAVEN'S GATE: Epic Failure Or Flawed Masterpiece?

Editor's note: Incidentally, we were working on this article a few weeks before Cimino's death. Sadly, Michael Cimino passed away on July 2 2016, and with

The Shadow Of German Expressionism

German expressionism was an art movement that began life around 1910 emerging in architecture, theatre and art. Expressionism art typically presented the world from


In the brilliant and insightful documentary A History of Horror, British writer and actor Mark Gatiss explores the horror genre throughout many countries. While


German silent cinema of the 1920's produced some of the most influential directors in the art of film making. Most directors and screenwriters working

Werner Herzog & Klaus Kinski

There have been an abundance of actor, actress and director collaborations throughout the history of cinema. One of the first collaborations in Hollywood was