Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018
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Joe George teaches English at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. When not teaching about books, movies, and comics, he's writing about books, movies, and comics. He can be found at joewriteswords.com or @jageorgeii on Twitter, but he can never be found outdoors.

Sarcasm & Sincerity In Terry Zwigoff's GHOST WORLD

Enid and Rebecca's ironic appreciation of pop culture in Terry Zwigoff's 2001 cult film hides an insightful look at young adulthood.

YELLOW FEVER: Potentially Unique, But Ultimately Familiar

Yellow Fever wants to be an important film about Asian identity, however it falters and falls back on tired Hollywood plots and stereotypes.

The Beginner's Guide: James Gunn, Writer/Director

James Gunn has made a name for himself for his gloriously offensive yet emotionally poignant films; here is a rundown of his filmography.

Trying to Keep Our Sanity: In Unironic Praise Of Bad Movies

It's become the norm to watch bad movies to make fun of bad movies, but why don't watch them just because they're a ton