Sunday, May 20th, 2018
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I love film, more than people probably, and I will watch pretty much anything. Seriously, anything! I have a postgraduate education in film & have spent an exceptionally long time trying to get inside the film industry. I'm a big believer in treating every film the same, and bringing something new to the film theory table, giving reasons for every argument made. You'll find that I'm an empathetic and fun sort of reviewer, at least, I like to think so. If I'm not watching films I'm doing exceptionally nerdy stuff, like watching documentaries about the history of medicine and collecting photos of old post boxes.

NON-TRANSFERABLE: A Sweet Something For A Cyber Generation

An independently-funded film that is a delightful homage to '90s romantic comedies, Non-Transferable is a hopeful sign of cinema to come.

A Heroine Lost In Subjectivity: Emma Cullen & The Problem Of The Male Film Critic

Westerns are the one genre I've never really gotten along with. I'll watch a good one, and I have watched a number of classics,

SING: Fuzzy Feelings Without The High Notes

Sing is a film which is trying to look on the more positive side of these singing competitions; it is about hope and a

Is There Another Bias Going On At The Oscars?

The very idea of "The Batch" being in a Marvel film with Tilda Swinton, Mads Mikkelsen, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Rachel McAdams was an

Online Premiere: THESE THINGS NEVER LAST & Interview With Filmmaker Charlie Gillette

Made while studying at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama (in Cardiff, Wales) Charlie Gillette and Jack Archer's film, These Things Never Last, is inspired by

BRIDGET JONES'S BABY: Infinitely Warm & Loveable

I'm going to be honest with you, I loathed the first two Bridget Jones films. I read the books as a teenager and I

MY SCIENTOLOGY MOVIE: No Going Clear, But Clearly Good Fun

I, like a lot of people, don't like scientology. I think it's nonsense - nonsense propagated by arrogant people in an effort to coerce

Marty's Paradox: The Creation Of Character In BACK TO THE FUTURE

Paradoxes are not discussed widely in cinema, firstly because they are difficult to understand. Secondly, they simply mess with everyone's fun. However, they create interesting

The Beginner's Guide: Louise Osmond, Director

You won't find out much about Louise Osmond if you look online. She is an Oxford history graduate who joined ITN as a news journalism trainee, and

FINDING DORY: A Fine Swim In Shallower Waters

I am a huge Pixar fan and Finding Nemo is one of my favourite films, so I was thrilled to know a sequel was