Friday, May 25th, 2018
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I'm a writer, artist and teacher based in Manchester, England. My debut novel is entitled Look At What You Could Have Won and you can find extracts from it, along with my Anti-Reviews, original fiction written in response to art and cultural events, on my blog: This Is Not A Film Review.

CHAMELEON: Standing Out For The Wrong Reasons

Chilean film Chameleon depicts horrific sexual abuse of women, and doesn't do enough to redeem itself; it is nothing but exploitative.

BY THE TIME IT GETS DARK: Fulfilling The Possibilities Of Film

By the Time it Gets Dark is a cinematic classic that will beg to be watched, decided and marvelled at, time and time again.

ENGLAND IS MINE: Fact & Fiction Conspire

England Is Mine is a blend of fact and fiction, delving into the early life of The Smiths frontman Steven Morrissey.

The Uncomfortable Post-Truth Of RESERVOIR DOGS

Reservoir Dogs, though seemingly a time capsule due to having premiered 25 years ago, is actually quite potent in today's post-truth world.

BOKEH: outside the depth of field

Bokeh is a stripped down take on a dystopian apocalypse- and like the best sci-fi, offers a bleak commentary on modern society.

SOMATIC: An Original Copy

Somatic is a short film from director Will Nash, delving into complex questions of cloning and the nature of our reality.


Something Blue should be added to the increasing list of films where absence, of one sort or another, is at the vigorous heart of

HOMO SAPIENS: A Portrait Of Humanity In Absentia

How can an unconventional documentary lasting 134 minutes and consisting entirely of the juxtaposition of naturalistic scenes be a compelling and rewarding cinematic journey


Sure, we’ve all heard the rumours: topping the critics’ pick of the flicks for this century, hell, this millennium so far, is David Lynch’s

Woody Allen's Form & Legacy In Contemporary Cinema With CAFÉ SOCIETY

It now appears to be a given that every few years, Woody Allen produces a film hailed by critics as a “return to form”.