Sunday, May 27th, 2018
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Lee Jutton has directed short films starring a killer toaster, a killer Christmas tree, and a not-killer leopard. Her writing appears in publications such as Bitch: A Feminist Response to Pop Culture, Bitch Flicks, TV Fanatic, and Just Press Play. When not watching, making or writing about films, she can usually be found at Red Bull Arena in New Jersey.

PROFESSOR MARSTON AND THE WONDER WOMEN: An Ode to Living An Unconventional Life

It may take certain liberties with the truth, but Professor Marston and the Wonder Women is still an enjoyable, inspirational biopic.

TOM OF FINLAND: The Melancholy Of Repression & The Exhilaration Of Freedom

Tom of Finland feels like two disparate films brought together, and only Pekka Strang's strong performance saves it from being a total wash.

OUR SOULS AT NIGHT: A Bittersweet Look at Love and Loneliness

Our Souls at Night an important reminder that there are still plenty of stories worth telling in the twilight years of one’s life.

BATTLE OF THE SEXES: An Empowering & All-Too-Timely True Story

Emma Stone shines as tennis player Billie Jean King in Battle of the Sexes, which reminds us of how little progress we've made since

TOKYO IDOLS: A Glimpse Into A Culture Both Intriguing & Disturbing

Never thought much about Japanese pop idols? Then this disturbing yet insightful documentary, Tokyo Idols, from Kyoto Miyake definitely will.

LOGAN LUCKY: This Country-Fried Ocean’s 11 Is Just As Tasty As The Original

Steven Soderbergh's Logan Lucky is one hell of an enjoyable ride that leaves you feeling lucky to have been along

WIND RIVER: The Year’s Most Haunting And Elegiac Thriller

Wind River is a haunting and wonderfully acted murder mystery that casts light on the inequality within Native American communities.

WETLANDS: A Soggy, Derivative Mess

Wetlands chronicles one man’s inauspicious return home in an attempt to make amends with his family and restart his cop career.

ANTI MATTER: Ambitious And Original, But Ultimately Incoherent

Anti Matter displays ingenious science fiction storytelling on a micro budget- but sadly, the film falls down a wormhole of its own making.


Lightningface is a 20 minute short film starring Oscar Isaac as his life changes drastically after being struck by lightning.