Friday, May 25th, 2018
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I can quote Parks and Recreation endlessly, I love decaf coffee, and in spite of me having two college degrees, I'm still trying to figure out what to do with my life.

THE FAITH COMMUNITY: A Terrifying "Found Footage" Story That Falters

Despite a chilling concept and a serviceable lead performance, The Faith Community still leaves a lot to be desired.

WHEELMAN: This Vehicle Needs Newer Parts

Can a stripped down action movie feel too simplistic for its own good? In the case of Wheelman, the answer is a resounding yes.

NO DRESS CODE REQUIRED: An Urgent Cry For Equality That Carries Intimacy

No Dress Code Required is a politically charged but impressively intimate look at one gay couple's fight for the right to marry.

REBEL IN THE RYE: An Ambitious Yet Chaotic Biopic

Rebel in the Rye is interesting when looked at from a writer's perspective, but unfortunately doesn't work as a cohesive biopic.

BEACH RATS: Terrific Film- Just Don't Call It "Moonwhite"

Beach Rats may have a lot of superficial similarities with Moonlight, but director Eliza Hittman's film is a triumph in its own right.

HOME AGAIN: I Wanted To Do Exactly That After Seeing This

Home Again is a stale romantic comedy that feels like a waste of the talents of everybody involved, feeling boring and aimless throughout.

THE LIMEHOUSE GOLEM: A Conventional Murder Mystery That Defies Convention

The Limehouse Golem finds ways to toy with you at every turn, making it entertaining viewing despite its seemingly conventional premise.

Actor Profile: Amy Adams

Amy Adams is a talented actress, with roles in comedies, dramas, and even musicals; here is a look back at her filmography to date.

FUN MOM DINNER: Breezy And Adequate Entertainment

Although not a life changing film, let alone a particularly memorable one, Fun Mom Dinner has enough charm to keep you entertained.

GIRLS TRIP: A Fun Romp That Is Raunchy Yet Intimate

Girls Trip is a gut-bustingly funny gem that is not only good for a girl's night out, but it has a little something for