Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018
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Musanna Ahmed a 22 year old cinephile and writer from the UK. Musanna was part of the OTOXO Productions team who made Borders and Promises. His taste in film knows no boundaries.

BEAUTY AND THE DOGS: Brave Performances And Bravura Storytelling

Told in just nine powerful takes, this harrowing legal drama from director Kaouther Ben Hania uncompromisingly depicts one woman's search for justice following a

READY PLAYER ONE: Spielberg's Exhilarating Tribute To Pop Culture In 3D

Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One is a truly exhilarating visual experience and a thrilling ode to pop culture. Spielberg’s control of the camera and

BEAST OF BURDEN: Daniel Radcliffe Delivers The Goods In Mediocre Crime Thriller

Beast of Burden is a schlocky B-movie and, in some ways, that’s okay. Daniel Radcliffe exceeds expectations in Beast of Burden, a crime thriller

"It's Hard To Go Back To Critiquing Movies That Aren't Any Good": A Conversation With Film Journalist and Filmmaker Neville Pierce

We were able to talk with Neville Pierce, film journalist turned filmmaker, director of the short films Lock In, Ghosted, and Bricks.

JOURNEY'S END: A Hard-Hitting Tribute To Heroes

Powered by memorable performances and Saul Dibb’s sobering deconstruction of the individuals who fought for their country, the engrossing Journey's End is a hard-nosed,

PADMAAVAT: An Epic Letdown

Padmaavat is a misguided attempt by director Sanjay Leela Bhansali proving that you can get struck by lightning if you try to capture it

SHEIKH JACKSON: Imam In The Mirror

The arresting visuals at their most peculiar would be the biggest reason to recommend Sheikh Jackson, but it's worth watching as a good coming-of-age story with a nuanced depiction


Though occasionally unsurprising, Better Watch out is a strong alternative to the regular holiday viewing because of the nasty genre thrills it delivers whilst

THE BREADWINNER: Beautiful, Inspiring, Important

The Breadwinner's captivating aesthetic, heroic protagonist, moments of levity and weighty themes aid in drawing in youngsters and teaching them about the hardships faced

QARIB QARIB SINGLLE: Lovely Pair-Up of Old and New

Qarib Qarib Singlle is perfect thanks to the undemanding running time, whimsical characters, and fresh elements to a classic formula.