Friday, May 25th, 2018
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Musanna Ahmed a 22 year old cinephile and writer from the UK. Musanna was part of the OTOXO Productions team who made Borders and Promises. His taste in film knows no boundaries.

"The Leadership Is As Corrupt As They Come": An Interview With WHAT HAPPENED IN VEGAS Director Ramsey Denison

Musanna Ahmed spoke with Ramsey Denison, director of documentary WHAT HAPPENED IN VEGAS, about police corruption and filmmaking.

A BAD MOMS CHRISTMAS: Wilder But Inferior Sequel

A Bad Moms Christmas is mediocre after the original film, with stale jokes that lift the film away from reality and biting satire.

NOVITIATE: Melissa Leo's Bid For A Second Oscar

The deliberate pace can test your patience but the depth and ambition of this original debut are enough to make Novitiate worth a watch.

THE RITUAL: Intrigue Gets Lost In The Woods

The ensemble may be the only thing of interest in The Ritual, which is otherwise riddled with clichés and saddled with an uninspired story.

JANE: The Most Enthralling Account Of Her Life

The skillful assembly of wondrous never-before-seen footage makes Jane the definitive tribute to the icon’s life and work.

THE MOUNTAIN BETWEEN US: It’s Hard To Fall In Love With This Adventure

The Mountain Between Us, a tale of two strangers (and a charming dog) who find themselves stranded in territory that’s foreign to them after

BORG MCENROE: More Borg Than McEnroe

Through strong performances and solid story, Borg McEnroe is a thrilling recreation of the iconic Wimbledon final.

TROPHY: Objectivity Through A Killer Lens

Trophy is unflinching in its approach to trophy hunting. While it lacks definite solutions it more than makes up for with stunning visuals.

IN BETWEEN: Illuminating, Impactful Portrait Of Arab Women

In Between is a compelling study of Arab women in today’s Tel Aviv that’s delightful and eye-opening in equal measure.

THE VILLAINESS: The Action Is First

With strong performances and flawless filming, The Villainess briefly losses its identity before concluding with a stunning finish.