Monday, May 21st, 2018
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Nathan decided to take a gap year after completing his A-Levels (Media Studies, English Language & Literature and Drama & Theatre Studies) to gain some journalism and media experience before making the next step. In that time, he has continued to run his blog - PerksOfBeingNath - which is now approaching its second anniversary and crammed in as many cinema visits as humanly possible. Like a parent choosing their favourite child, he refuses to pick a favourite film but admits that it is currently a tight race between Gone Girl and La La Land. Self-admitted novice on cinema of the past and always open to suggestions.


Will You Be My Witness? proves to be an enjoyable slice of entertainment with a deeper message, suitable for all fans of the pop

AMERICAN ASSASSIN: Disposable Action-Thriller Fun

While not as memorable as other spy-thrillers, American Assassin is entertaining and solid enough with high intensity and relentless action.

VICTORIA & ABDUL: As Twee But Warm As They Come

Prepare to be utterly charmed by Stephen Frears' Victoria & Abdul, a warm, twee film that gives movies for senior audiences a good name.

MY LIFE AS A COURGETTE: A Brave & Admirable Animation

My Life as a Courgette is animation at its very best, providing heart and thought-provoking ideas amidst a backdrop of eye-popping beauty.

Save MOTHER!, Please

mother!, Darren Aranofsky's polarizing film, is doing poorly at the box office - just what does that mean for the future of studios?

THE HOUSE: Nothing To Cash In

Despite two talented leads, The House suffers from a script that doesn't utilize their talents, ultimately becoming forgettable as a result.

VALERIAN & THE CITY OF A THOUSAND PLANETS: Visually Astonishing But Narratively Exhausting

Though visually enticing, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets is bogged down by a bloated script and poorly written characters.

THE EMOJI MOVIE: Why, Hollywood?

Plotless, joyless and cash-grabbing, The Emoji Movie deserves the brunt of our wrath because it showcases everything wrong with Hollywood.

THE ICE CREAM TRUCK: A Mixed Scoop Of B-Movie Horror

In Megan Freels Johnston's The Ice Cream Truck, sweet treats and sugary snacks are traded for bloodshed and suburban violence.

CUT SHOOT KILL: A Bloody Decent Effort

Another entry in the continuing trend of independent horror, Cut Shoot Kill just manages to stand out amongst the masses.