Friday, May 25th, 2018
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Graduate of New York University's Dramatic Writing program. Novelist, short story writer, and podcaster. Batman and Star Wars nerd.

Our latest "In Defense Of" is The Lost World, the Jurassic Park movie that has typically been overshadowed by its masterful predecessor.

IMPERIAL DREAMS: A Simple Film With Powerful Resonance

Imperial Dreams is a statement and truly is a cautionary tale, though not without hope - and, more importantly, stark realism.

Blood In The Ice Cream: A Deeper Look At The CORNETTO TRILOGY

The Cornetto Trilogy are not only some of the funniest films this century, but they also convey important themes about life and maturity.

Hormones & Hacksaws: Coming-of-Age Horror

Horror films sometimes contain themes that focus on the primal fears of growing up; here are some prime examples of how they have done