Monday, May 21st, 2018
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An Instructor of Communication Studies at Ball State University, Spencer enjoys the simple things in life: his cat (Laura Dern), Laura Dern (the actress), and snagging any chance he can get to watch movies. In his spare time, he champions Kristen Stewart and writes think-pieces about why Taylor Swift is a pop music mastermind.

Though with timely themes of inappropriate romance and sexuality, Submission sadly lacks the insight and perspective to become a movie that represents "now."

SEBASTIAN: The Subtle Power of Intimacy

Sebastian, the directorial debut of James Fanizza is a heartfelt and honest portrayal of the small moments that lead towards falling in love.

Interview With James Fanizza, Actor/Director/Producer/ Writer Of SEBASTIAN

We were able to talk with James Fanizza; writer, director, producer and star of the film Sebastian, now available to rent and buy digitally


Director Rebekah Fortune's Just Charlie is an empathetic transgender coming out tale that slowly becomes a moving story of self-acceptance.

NOCTURAMA: We Are Our Own Worst Enemies

From France, Nocturama is an unusual film about disillusioned teenagers that commit an act of terrorism; unsurprisingly, it provides no easy answers.

WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE?: What's Camp Got to Do with It

With the release of the FX series Feud, there's no better time to revisit Robert Aldrich's histrionic horror, What Ever Happened To Baby Jane.

AKRON: Plunky Guitar Strings Make Not Midwestern Living

Though with an unimaginative score, Akron effectively tells a story about two gay men who meet and fall in love in Midwestern America.

CERTAIN WOMEN: The Sheer Spectacle Of Living

With Certain Women, director Kelly Reichardt has created one of the most human cinematic universes in recent memory.

2016: The Year Of Grieving And Letting Go

2016. A year that will live in infamy. A year shaken by unexpected celebrity deaths, an unnerving election cycle, and unsuspecting twists waiting around

OTHER PEOPLE: An Exercise In Personal Narratives

Other People, a semi-autobiographical film based on writer Chris Kelly's experiences, works in a beautiful way due to the subtext behind it.