Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018
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Suchin is a freelance writer and Indian cinema junky. He sincerely believes that in their own way, movies can change the world. He writes about Hindi cinema at magicofbollywood.com .

THOR: RAGNAROK & The Perils Of Reinvention

Thor: Ragnarok may be a fun time, but it's also disruptive to the MCU as a whole, trading real drama and storytelling for cheap

MAMI Mumbai Film Festival 2016 Highlights

This year's Mumbai Film Festival saw some fascinating themes running through its vast line-up, such as the complex and often damaging notion of family,

A DEATH IN THE GUNJ: An Exploration Of Isolation

Some films just break your heart. They wheedle their way in with a warm embrace, and find a way to really stay with you,

Is 2016 The Year Of The Female Directors In Bollywood?

You would be hard-pressed not to find a panel discussion on the topic of ‘Women In Film’ at most leading global film festivals at