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Tara Martinez is a New York-based writer with a passion for pop culture and a penchant for analysis. She frequently covers film, television, and representations of women in the media.

STRONG ISLAND: A Haunting Look at Loss, Race, and the Justice System

How might a predominately white community wield its power to dismiss a black life? The documentary Strong Island offers unsettling answers.

THE APOLOGY: An Emotional, Gut-Wrenching Glimpse Into The Atrocities of War

The documentary The Apology tells the story of three Asian women whose lives have been turned upside down by the trauma of sexual slavery.

THE PASSION OF AUGUSTINE: Love, Loss & Female Solidarity

The Passion of Augustine offers glimpses into life before womanhood sets in and all the growing pains that come with this journey.

Notions Of Love & Resistance In Géza Von Rádvanyi's MÄDCHEN IN UNIFORM

Géza Von Radványi’s Mädchen in Uniform explores romance, while depicting love that varies in intensity, significance, and objective.


Cairo Time is a romantic drama from 2009 set in Egypt that focuses on different women and their perception about relationships and life.

Revisiting Stephen Frears' THE GRIFTERS

The Grifters is a films which has largely been lost through time; here, we explore why it might be worth revisiting.

From Shop Girl To Femme Fatale: 8 Must-See Joan Crawford Performances

For her talent and contribution to film alone, Crawford deserves a better legacy than what she ultimately received. By all accounts, she achieved her

The Strange Villainess: How Hollywood Uses Traditional Feminine Norms Against Women

Recall the last villainess you saw on screen. Did her power come at the price of her own womanhood? Was she an unpleasant outcast