Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018
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Thomas is a freelance writer and video editor who spends most of his time complaining about British weather.


"Awards bait." The phrase is bandied around a lot this time of year in the run up to the Oscars. But what exactly is

Our Lad

Watch Our Lad here. Our Lad, brought lovingly to life by director Rachna Suri, is a compelling insight into a British Muslim community and the conflict between two brothers.


Fingers, the Indiegogo-funded short film from writer/director Alex Marx and producer Savannah James-Bayly, is a slick and stylish crime drama that blends Biblical themes with 1960s London glam.

Red Nuts

In this darkly comic short film, director Jackson Mullane explores the age-old question of 'would you live your life differently if you knew you had


Design studio Art & Graft have injected a welcome sense of humour into 1150 Canyon Road, a dark and stylish crime animation. The London-based


"A Cajun devil hunter goes to the crossroads and meets the devil's attorney". The compelling summary of Chasseur had me hooked before I even started

Wolf Creek Australia

Australia's film industry has always been a little unstable. From the decline of Australian-made films in the inter-war period to the increased arts funding


In honour of NASA’s successful Orion launch, it’s only fitting that we should take a look at Wanderers, a short speculative science fiction film

Hitch Hike

The road of the motherless child is long and hard. So is the process of watching Hitch Hike, a short film about a teenage