Monday, May 21st, 2018
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Tomas is a chronic cineaste who studied English literature in university (in both the undergraduate and graduate levels), and hopes to pursue a career in writing. His passion for film began in earnest at the beginning of the 2010s, and since then he's been reveling at the vast horizons of the cinematic landscape like a kid at the proverbial candy store.

Toronto International Film Festival 2017 Report Part 2: The Sacrifices You Make...

Tomas Trussow documents his third day of Toronto International Film Festival, in which he saw 5 films, from sci-fi to down-to-earth drama.

WHAT WILL PEOPLE SAY: Caught In A Cultural Crossfire

What Will People Say is a brutal yet powerful study of the effects of subjugation on a young woman in a highly patriarchal society.

Toronto International Film Festival 2017 Report Part 1: Unhappy Family Syndrome

Tomas Trussow is at Toronto International Film Festival for Film Inquiry and reports on Lady Bird, Happy End and I Am Not A Witch,

CARDINALS: Sin & Sorrow In Small-Town Canada

Cardinals is a tense and subtly effective thriller set in small-town Canada, bolstered by strong performances and complex themes.

BLIND: Nothing To See Here, Folks

Devoid of any subtlety and bereft of a strong plot, the fact that a film so reductive as Blind was made this recently is

SLACK BAY: Madcap... Or Simply Maddening?

An open mind and a willing heart are needed to appreciate Slack Bay's zaniness; it’s a lot of fun when the initial peculiarities settle.

A QUIET PASSION: Davies And Dickinson Are A Match Made In Heaven

A Quiet Passion shows us that there is much more to the mythos of Emily Dickinson than meets the eye, and with Davies’ ever-lyrical

Fences: You Don't Have to Fix What Ain't Broken

Fences was recently nominated for multiple Academy Awards, but is Denzel Washington's passion project worth all the hype?

THE SEASONS IN QUINCY: A Fitting Coda For An Extraordinary Man

The Seasons in Quincy is a series of four essays that each paint a portrait of the late John Berger, an extraordinary and versatile

TIFF Diary #5: The Long TIFF Closes

The last weekend of TIFF is always bittersweet. On one hand, you’re so sleep-deprived from all the morning/early afternoon screenings that it’s a relief