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Tynan has an unquenchable passion for film history as well as nagging all his friends to watch classic movies with him. Calling him a California kid, an old soul, a hapa, or an amateur screenwriter wouldn't be far from the truth. Follow his frequent musings at Film Inquiry and on his blog 4 Star Films: fourstarfilmfan.com. Soli Deo Gloria.

95 AND 6 TO GO: A Personal Documentation Of Transgenerational Memory

95 And 6 To Go follows the Takesues in a one-of-a-kind document; exploring the family's innately meaningful transgenerational memories.

REAR WINDOW: A Masterpiece of Visual Cinema and Sound Design

There are such a vast number of planes to appreciate Rear Window on and one of those is its impeccable use of sound as

AFTER THE STORM: Tokyo At Its Most Personal

Koreeda Hirokazu's intimate family drama After the Storm captures a side of Tokyo rarely seen in cinema, as well as beautifully depicting a turbulent

Actor Profile: Natalie Wood

With many facets within her career from the filmography, to her love life, to her untimely death, there's no question that Natalie Wood deserves

A CHRISTMAS TALE: Familial Dysfunction Just In Time For The Holidays

From 2008, French film A Christmas Tale offers a different type of holiday film - one that is melancholy, depressing, and yet also intriguing.

BODY AND SOUL: A Multifaceted Boxing Classic

Body and Soul still stands as a marvelous example of the potent capabilities of film noir - that remains untarnished

A HARD DAY'S NIGHT: Beatlemania Perfectly Personified

A Hard Day's Night not only works as a celebration of The Beatle's iconic music, but as a satire on the very nature of

PICKPOCKET: Crime & Punishment Of The Mundane

Pickpocket (1959) is an intricately staged, intimate character study from Robert Bresson - solidifying itself as one of his greatest works.

THE FALLEN IDOL: A Master Portrait Of Turmoil From A Child's Perspective

The Fallen Idol is a fascinating look at adultery through the eyes of an innocent child, and has had a long-standing legacy as a

LIMELIGHT: Chaplin's Last Shining Moment In The Spotlight

As one of his final curtain calls, Limelight is a sterling reminder of Charlie Chaplin's contributions to culture and the art of cinema.