Monday, May 21st, 2018
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From a young age, I was drawn to films especially the horror and psychological thriller genre. Living in a small town in New Brunswick, Canada, I later fell in love with reviewing and writing about movies. I like to bring my background in Psychology and Religious Studies to my writing and film reviews. Apart from films, I enjoy writing and drawing. However, nothing makes me happier than celebrating Halloween and playing tennis.

SAW: A Twisted Horror Film That Will Knock Your Foot Off

It's not one of the horror greats that many people make it out to be, but Saw is crafty and ambitious enough to warrant

ANNABELLE: CREATION: The Conjuring Universe Is Off To A Solid Start

With effective sound design and plenty of earned scares, Annabelle: Creation is another successful entry in the continuing Conjuring saga.

THE BAD BATCH: Wasteland For Interesting Ideas

Lacking substance or exploration of themes, The Bad Batch is a pointless post-apocalyptic, psychedelic trip to nowhere-land.

KIDNAP: Halle Berry Has Hit Rock Bottom

Though with the talented Halle Berry at the helm, Kidnap is a poorly made action thriller that is lacking in story, acting, and execution.

ATOMIC BLONDE: Charlize Theron Is An Action Movie Star

Atomic Blonde may be sloppy in structure, but it is oozing with immaculately executed action and a finely tuned performance by Theron.

KUSO: A Fetish For The Disgusting

Kuso, though visually interesting at times, is ultimately too disgusting to recommend, and seemingly has no purpose behind it.

TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME: Important Prequel To The Twin Peaks Universe

Fire Walk With Me is a bolder, darker look at the Twin Peaks universe, but it is essential in understanding the show's larger themes.

ROUGH NIGHT: Weekend At Bernie's Meets Feminism

Rough Night starts weak- but with a decent amount of laughs and a deconstruction of gender tropes, it soon becomes a breath of fresh

WAR MACHINE: Uneven, Over The Top War Satire

In part due to overly pushy satirical agenda and an awkward performance from Brad Pitt, War Machine is a failed attempt at a modern

SNATCHED: Amy Schumer & Goldie Hawn Are Caught In An Unfunny Trainwreck

The Amy Schumer hate train has been gaining momentum as of late. Her hard political speeches and in-your-face feminism have made a lot of