Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018
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It’s tempting to back away slowly from Nina, to pretend you didn’t see it and in doing so sidestep the subtleties of the controversy

The Man Who Knew Infinity

Let’s snuggle into the familiar embrace of the British biopic. A genre all on its own, their tempered looks at history often play as

The Purge Election Year

The central concept that for 12 hours the American government makes all crime legal has always been the main selling point for The Purge

10 Cloverfield Lane

Every Tuesday Film Inquiry publishes the movies that are opening in cinemas! This week: 10 Cloverfield Lane, The Young Messiah, The Perfect Match, The Brothers


If there is a universal desire in this world, it’s for our children to live a good life. No matter how you define good,

Sunset Song

Writer/director Terence Davies has released only two narrative features since the turn of the millennium, The House of Mirth and The Deep Blue Sea.