Monday, May 21st, 2018
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UNSANE & The Questioning Of Exploitation Cinema

Steven Soderbergh's Unsane easily fits within the category of exploitation cinema, but why were critics willing to overlook some of its questionable morals (or

Anarchic Cinema: Dogme 95 & The Emotion And Character Of Film

Matthew Rice explores the Dogme 95 movement, arguing that it shows the boundaries of the human psyche, creativity and sociopolitical climate more effectively than

Interview With AN ORDINARY MAN Writer & Director, Brad Silberling

We spoke with the writer/director of AN ORDINARY MAN, Brad Silberling, about his daring script, directing Ben Kingsley, working in Serbia and more!

Interview With Bel Powley, Star Of WILDLING

We were able to talk with Bel Powley about her experiences in acting and about her role in the upcoming werewolf horror film Wildling.

A Life Unseen: Interview with HOLD ME DOWN director Niclas Gillis and actress Tanisha Adams

We were able to talk with Niclas Gillis and Tanisha Lambright, the director and star of the short film drama Hold Me Down, which

Understanding Camp Films and Their Strangely Tasteful Descendants

Camp films are delightful, and demonstrate the range of ways in which a movie can leave a noteworthy impact on an audience. But what