Thursday, May 24th, 2018
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Art Vs. Artist: What Do We Do When Our Heroes Fail Us?

It's easy to hold the moral high ground and dismiss works created by awful people. But, as Jacqui Griffin writes, rejecting one of your


Andy Warhol is often considered a pioneer of the "anti-film" or cinematic nihilism, though his films themselves leave much to be desired.

The Successes And Failures In Adapting I AM LEGEND

Richard Matheson's 1954 novel I Am Legend has been adapted to the screen three times- but have any of the cinematic adaptations effectively translated

90th Academy Awards: Winners & Losers, And Inclusion Riders

We summarise the evening of the 90th Academy Awards and go over the winners and losers and the highlights of the evening!

Oldman, Take A Look At My Life: A Salute To My Hero

With the upcoming likelihood of an Oscar for Darkest Hour, we look back at Gary Oldman's over three decade long memorable career.

Emotional & Impactful: 2018’s Oscar Nominated Live Action Shorts

Emotional and heartbreaking, shocking and impactful, theses short films are an exemplary showcase of Hollywood's menagerie of talent. Here's a brief rundown of 2018's