Monday, May 21st, 2018
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In this Tribeca Film Festival Round-up, Stephanie Archer looks at the films she saw that found that dominated their central focus and inspiration in

Stephanie Archer explores the live action short films that played at Tribeca Film Festival!

Kristy Strouse explored some of the VR experiences on offer at Tribeca Film Festival; here are her reviews of: Campfire Creepers: Midnight March, The

Straight from Tribeca Film Festival, Lee Jutton two films; both are the feature directorial debuts of talented women filmmakers and both center on complicated

The Party’s Just Beginning isn’t always fun, but it’s definitely a powerful vehicle for the very talented Karen Gillan.

Arlin Golden does a roundup for his second week at San Francisco International Film Festival, including Bo Burnham's Eighth Grade, Boots Riley's Sorry to

Field Guide to Evil will likely please genre aficionados and horror buffs, but on the whole, its lack of tonal cohesion will leave others underwhelmed.

In our report of week 1 of San Francisco International Film Festival, we cover films like Generation Wealth, City of Sun, First Reformed, Hal

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