Sunday, May 20th, 2018
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It's hard to describe what Boots Riley's debut, Sorry To Bother You, is actually about, because it is trippy, all over the place, and

As the SXSW festival comes to its end, Jax Griffin writes a love note to SXSW and its host city, Austin, Texas. She celebrates

Jax Griffin checked out the short films at SXSW to scope the up-and-coming fimmakers, and reviews her favorite ones, among them Hair Wolf, Haven,

Quite different from the big budget, blockbuster action films that we associate with sci-fi nowadays, Prospect is a slow-burning, languid study of people who

First Reformed had its U.S. premiere at SXSW, with Paul Schrader and Ethan Hawke in attendance. First Reformed brings Paul Schrader's career to a

Shawn Glinis reviews the two films he saw on the Monday of SXSW: Bo Burnham's Eighth Grade and Bart Layton's American Animals.

On Sunday, Shawn Glinis attended Barry Jenkins' keynote speech, a conversation between Richard Linklater and french auteur Olivier Assayas and saw several films.

Amy Adrion's must-see documentary HALF THE PICTURE features many prominent women filmmakers who open up about their experiences with discrimination in Hollywood.

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