Monday, May 21st, 2018
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Holiday Horrors provide a comforting alternative to the forced gaiety of the season - and Black Christmas is one of the best to watch.

Teaching English is a physical job and sometimes it is necessary to call on the help of Hollywood to get you through it.

With easily accessible streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, it’s easy to understand how independent short films go overlooked. However, the short film

A novel is a single voice from a single point of view. A movie is a mix of art and business with hundreds of

Class consciousnes and its oft-contingent condemnation of wealth was a theme at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival that one would be hard-pressed to overlook.

We shot Dead Certain in the French Alps during seventeen intense days in the winter of 2014. A post-epidemic thriller, we wanted the film

In Andrew Davis' brilliant 1993 thriller The Fugitive, the filmmakers use a variety of techniques to lead the viewer through the story. They drop hints with

We spoke with David Farrier about his weird but great documentary Tickled, how he pitched it and how about how the post-production was.

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