Monday, May 21st, 2018
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The Beginner's Guide: James Gunn, Writer/Director

James Gunn has made a name for himself for his gloriously offensive yet emotionally poignant films; here is a rundown of his filmography.

The Beginners Guide: Christopher Nolan, Director

In this Beginner's Guide we discuss some of Christopher Nolan's best work to date, his influences and artful filmmaking skills.

The Beginners Guide: John Carpenter, Director

In this beginner’s guide, we discuss John Carpenter's work - spanning the duration of his career in skillfully frightening his audience.

The Beginner's Guide: Parody

Despite its poor rap of recent years, parody a rich genre with great gems. In this Beginner's Guide we consider its history and current

The Beginner's Guide: Mike Nichols, Director

In our latest beginner's guide, we rundown director Mike Nichols, who had humble beginnings in comedy before becoming an acclaimed director.

The Beginner's Guide: David Cronenberg, Director

In this beginner's guide, we discuss David Cronenberg's work - an influential director who is particularly known for his body horror films.

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