Friday, May 25th, 2018
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It was 1962; Grace Kelly was no longer an actress. She was, at this point in her life, ruling the Principality of Monaco with her

Catch 22

With a Finger in Each Ear, We March Blindly On The Vietnam War, which had begun as a geopolitical chess match in the 1950's,

Fruit of Paradise Chytilová

When Vêra Chytilová sadly passed away in March of last year, cinephiles across the world mourned the loss of a truly passionate and original

Jaws 2

Editorial note: Today, the original Jaws movie is celebrating its 40th anniversary.  There are as many kangaroos on Saturn as there are people who

Back To The future happy

In some ways, the cinema is the closest thing we can experience to travelling through time - certainly the closest of any art form.


The New Hollywood - The End of an Era By the late 1970’s, the film industry had undergone a renaissance. The New Hollywood movement

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