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The Cinephile’s Lounge: Week 5

Ah, the weekend's on our doorstep once again. Here's a beautiful cinema for you: This is the Cinémathèque Française in Paris, France:

Ah, the weekend’s on our doorstep once again.

Here’s a beautiful cinema for you:


Cinémathèque Française at night

This is the Cinémathèque Française in Paris, France: it holds one of the biggest archives of film and film-related objects and documents in the world. It also shows movies from all over the world, every day. It was founded in the 1930s, but had to move to this postmodern building in the 1950s due to a fire in the original building.

The original founder, Henri Langlois, was a great collector of films, and had his collection almost wiped out entirely by the Germans in World War II, who had ordered all films made before 1937 to be destroyed. Langlois and his friends smuggled their collection out of France to protect it. Later, the Cinémathèque became a very important source of education for many French filmmakers.


Quite stunning isn’t it? I really like the postmodern building, it’s really something else.

This week has been really interesting! Last weekend was Australia Day, our very first – I don’t think we experienced what Australia Day really is as we didn’t go to a party, didn’t use the barbecue and barely drank at all and didn’t even go watch the fireworks, lol. Nevertheless, it was a lovely day. Moreover, since Australia Day fell on Sunday this year, bf had the next day off as well.

We spent lots of time cruising through the city, some time on the beach, just having fun. It was lovely. On Monday, we went to a national park here an hour north of Perth. It was awesome – we saw all sorts of exotic wildlife:

A koala! © FilmInquiry

A koala! © FilmInquiry

Kookaburras © FilmInquiry

Kookaburras © FilmInquiry

Skippies :D © FilmInquiry

Skippies! © FilmInquiry

How cool is that? More and more it’s like we’re on a chronic holiday, here, because of the awesome weather and just the general laid back vibe and the great environment.

We’ve been house hunting for the past month, since we got here. We’d seen tons of houses online, been to about ten open homes, when we finally found a house we both really, really liked! It is in a beautiful suburb, it has sea view and is a walk away from the beach… The interior’s a bit dated but the house was much too awesome to let go. So we sent in an application and… We got the house! There were a few other applicants, but apparently they liked us enough to let us rent it. Seriously, we’re super excited about this.

We can move in next week Friday, which is much sooner than we’d ever expected, lol. Our container with our furni is not arriving until late in February, so we’ll be camping in the house for a few weeks. But I’m already halfway done with ordering an unlimited data internet connection, hurray! Ah, it will be good to be able to watch trailers and short films again, get a Netflix subscription (finally) and use Spotify again, and, most importantly, video call with my family without having to worry about data.

Woot! o/

So yeah, good things! I also already signed up for a membership at the nearest cinema. :3

I’m planning on watching Prisoners this weekend, I think. Or maybe another movie. Not sure yet, entirely. Also kind of depends on bf what he wants to see. Hopefully we’re also going to the beach again. And we’ll probably have to go buy a fridge and washing machine, joy.

[alert type=red ]How was your week? What did you watch? Planning on doing anything fun this weekend?[/alert]

I’d love to chat with you in the comments!


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