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Film Inquiry Podcast Episode 10: DUNKIRK, BABY DRIVER, VALERIAN & More

Emily Wheeler takes over for Mike and joins Jay in this 10th episode of the Film Inquiry podcast, in which they talk the movies of the moment.

We’re at the tenth episode of the Film Inquiry Podcast and it’s glorious.

Summer has been keeping us uber busy, myself especially, which is why I am absent from this episode. But thankfully Jay is joined by the wonderful Emily Wheeler, Film Inquiry’s Writers Coordinator. She’s also a mad scientist working on secret reanimation projects a la Frankenstein. Ask her about it, won’t you?

Film Inquiry Podcast Episode 10: DUNKIRK, BABY DRIVER, VALERIAN & More

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Jay and Emily discuss a slew of recent releases ranging from Dunkirk, to War for the Planet of the Apes, to Baby Driver, to Valerian, to other worlds and beyond.

Let me denote that there are spoilers on several of the movies littered throughout the episode, so if you don’t want to have things ruined go see said films then come back and listen to these two brainiacs as they speak eloquently, and wisely, on the filmic topics.

As always, thanks everybody for all the clicks and listens and feedback. You’re amazing. We’ll be back soon with another epic rant.


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