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Manon’s Movie Minute #1 (Video): BEAUTY & THE BEAST, FENCES & More

In this new series, Film Inquiry Editor in Chief Manon de Reeper chats about films she's watched recently - quick reviews, just a casual chat to connect!

Hello dear cinephiles!

I’m very excited to present my new series, Manon’s Movie Minute. I’m aware that that title is slightly misleading as it’s more like Manon’s Movie 13 Minutes, but I hope you understand I couldn’t resist the alliteration.

In this new series, I’ll discuss films I’ve seen recently, narrative, short or documentary – and I might sneak in some TV, too. I haven’t been able to write as much as I did in the past, so this is my way of getting back into talking about (and “reviewing”) movies! It’s not too in-depth, but it’s a casual, fun way for me to connect with all of you!

Manon's Movie Minute #1 (Video): BEAUTY & THE BEAST, FENCES & More

Beauty & The Beast (2017) – source: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

In this very first episode, I’m talking about four movies and a TV show I watched recently: Beauty & The Beast, The Lego Batman Movie, Fencesthe documentary Holy Hell and the Australian TV show Please Like MeI always aim to include some more mainstream stuff, as well as some more obscure stuff, so as to cater to all crowds (but really, it just sorta suits what I watch!)

I hope you’ll join me in this casual chat about the films we’ve watched recently!

Let me know in the comments what you thought about the films I discussed, and let me know which films you watched recently, anything you’d recommend to your fellow cinephiles?

Also, I’d love to know if this Manon’s Movie Minute thing is something you’d want to see more often 🙂

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