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Film Inquiry Podcast Episode 8: Rotten Movies We Love

Mike & Jay are back with their newest podcast, in which they talk about Wonder Woman, the new King Arthur film and rotten films they love.

Hola, people from all over the world!

On this the eighth episode, Jay and myself have the time of our lives. We being the podcast by talking about the best and worst of what we’ve seen recently.

Then the controversial discourse begins. I talk about my feelings about Wonder Woman and they are very much against the grain, just so you know. It’s fun to be a contrarian though I don’t hold any reasons to be so flippantly. I fully believe in my opinions and hold steadfast to them. I am not a contrarian for contrarian’s sake.

Film Inquiry Podcast Episode 8: Rotten Movies We Love

Wonder Woman (2017) – source: Warner Bros. Pictures

After that we jump into a discussion about movies that have “rotten” consensuses on Rotten Tomatoes but are films we like or love.

Which then leads to our admission of our unabashed love for King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. We are both go against the establishment and the status quo. Isn’t that why you love us?

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A bi-product of passion and experimentation gone wrong, Mike has spent most of his time in the field couch surfing and growing a comb-over. Several of his favorite films are Rashomon, Vertigo, Apocalypse Now, and The Naked Gun.

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