Friday, February 23, 2018
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The Beginners Guide: John Carpenter, Director

In this beginner’s guide, we discuss John Carpenter's work -

The Beginner's Guide: Parody

Despite its poor rap of recent years, parody a rich


After bugging my colleagues with discussion on Woody Allen films maybe one time too many, it was suggested that I write his Beginner's Guide. Surprisingly, the

Composers are an underrated yet invaluable aspect to the world of cinema. They have the ability and duty to evoke various emotions in the audience,

There aren't many people who can claim that the woman they watched larking about on children’s morning television when they were a toddler also became

When asked about who his favourite American directors were, Orson Welles replied: “I prefer the old masters; by which I mean: John Ford, John

How to summarise Hayao Miyazaki in a few words? Brilliant, magical, ecologist, fantastic, cultural, wise, a true master of his art: animation.

Near the conclusion of Hellboy II, we find the eponymous hero at death’s doorstep. Hellboy is laid at the feet of his personal Angel of

Producer, Director, Writer, Actor. These are just some of the labels one could attribute to Spike Jonze. Absurd, surreal, unique and diverse are just

David Lynch has one of the most polarizing bodies of work in Hollywood (though he is objectively one of the nicest and most genuine

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