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Actor Profile: Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is an actress with many memorable roles through

Actor's Profile: Sidney Poitier

Sidney Poitier paved the way for African American actors with


Marisa Tomei is an actress with many memorable roles through the years; here is a rundown of some of her very best.

Though only really breaking out as a star with 2013's Inside Llewyn Davis, Oscar Isaac has quickly made a name for himself, starring in

Ever since her early 90's debut, Kate Winslet has remained one of Hollywood's best actresses. Here are some of our favourite performances.

There are certain stereotypes that continue in Hollywood: the young ingenue, the method actor and the bad boy, to name a few. Colin Farrell

Brad Pitt is both an A-list star and a character actor who collaborates with the best filmmakers working. Here are some of his best

Harold Lloyd is among the great silent comedians, and his work, which also spans into talkies, should speak for itself.

In our latest profile, we examiner the career of Jude Law, gazing into two decades of performances from the beloved actor.

Mary Louise Parker is a versatile actor who has found success on stage, TV and in films; here is a rundown of her career

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