Friday, June 22nd, 2018
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Stephanie Archer is 31 year old film fanatic living in Norwalk, CT, USA.

POST NO BILLS: A Cute Animated Short (+ Interview With Director Robin Hays)

Stephanie Archer reviews Post No Bills, an animated short about taking risks, and spoke with with director Robin Hays.

CREATIVE BLOCK: A Relatable Short with an Intimate Interview

Stephanie Archer reviews Creative Block, a short film that views the blocks of the mind, and shares her interview with director Nicola Rose.

IRREPLACEABLE YOU: A Forgettable Moment of Catharsis

While cathartic in the emotional expression of the finality of death, Irreplaceable You fails to be memorable, forgotten long after the credits have rolled.

LOVE ALWAYS, MOM: A Hopeful Documentary Full of Life

While Love Always, Mom waves a large price tag in the eyes of its viewers, it is an engrossing film that shows a hope

Tribeca Film Festival: Rolling Out the Red Carpet

Stephanie Archer reports on her time during the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival and the red carpet photos and interviews she had the opportunity to

Tribeca: 25th Anniversary Of SCHINDLER'S LIST Followed By Cast Panel

Stephanie Archer reports on her time during Tribeca Film Festival 2018, and on her final day, recaps the Tribeca Retrospective Schindler's List.

Tribeca Film Festival: DEAD WOMEN WALKING: A Solemn Walk to an Impactful Film

Hagar Ben-Asher's Dead Women Walking creates the opportunity for conversation and examination while humanizing those individuals that society has locked away without a further

Tribeca Film Festival: From Documentary to Fiction, This One Covers It All

Stephanie Archer gives a roundup of some of her experiences at Tribeca Film Festival, including a sci-fi, documentaries, shorts, and more.

Tribeca Film Festival: Animated Shorts Curated by Whoopi Goldberg

Stephanie Archer reports on her time during Tribeca Film Festival 2018, and reviews the animated short films curated by Whoopi Goldberg.

Tribeca Film Festival: Interview with Justin P. Lange and Nadia Alexander of THE DARK

Premiering at this year's Tribeca Film Festival, Justin P. Lange's The Dark is an ingenious reinvention of the zombie genre, bringing a new rage