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Stephanie Archer is 31 year old film fanatic living in Norwalk, CT, USA.

Emotional & Impactful: 2018’s Oscar Nominated Live Action Shorts

Emotional and heartbreaking, shocking and impactful, theses short films are an exemplary showcase of Hollywood's menagerie of talent. Here's a brief rundown of 2018's

The Nominated Film You Might Have Missed: THE POST

The Post will likely be overlooked at this year's Oscars, but with its historical depiction of the fight for the press and democracy, as

Actor Profile: Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is an actress with many memorable roles through the years; here is a rundown of some of her very best.

GET OUT: A Deeper Examination of Injustice

With all its success over the year and its deep political, racial and socio-economical undertones, and Oscars just around the corner, it seemed an

THE MIDNIGHT MAN: A Surprisingly Delightful Horror Film That Just Might Get You

While by no means without its faults, The Midnight Man, from director Travis Zariwny, is a good time horror film that fans of the genre

PLEASE STAND BY: Very Likely To Win You Over

Please Stand By is already a favorite for this year, with a stunning craft in recycling an overused story telling formula, strong talent to

FIFTY SHADES FREED: Third Time's the Charm

While nowhere near the best picture of 2018, Fifty Shades Freed does prove itself to be a tantalizing, sultry, and seductive conclusion to the

The Wonder Women of 2017

We look back at the wonder women of 2017, the women directors and writers who pushed through barriers in the industry, advancing gender equality

THE OPEN HOUSE: A Disappointing Case of "How did that get there?"

With a multitude of successful hits across television and film, Netflix misses a beat with their latest film The Open House, its convoluted story and

The Nominated Film You May Have Missed: DEAD POETS SOCIETY

In our latest entry of The Nominated Film You May Have Missed series, we discuss the 1989 Robin Williams drama Dead Poets Society.